Things You Wouldn't Hear a Redneck Say

  • Duct tape won't fix that!
  • Do you think this ball cap goes with this shirt?
  • We don't keep firearms in this house.
  • You can't feed that to the dog.
  • No kids in the back of the pick-up, it's not safe.
  • Wrasslin's fake.
  • We're vegetarians.
  • Do you think my hair is too big?
  • Who's Richard Petty?
  • Spitting is such a nasty habit.
  • I just couldn't find a thing at Wal-Mart today.
  • Trim the fat off that steak.
  • The tires on that truck are too big.
  • I've got two cases of Zima for the Super Bowl.
  • Little Debbie snack cakes have too many fat grams.
  • She's too old to be wearing that bikini.
  • Those shorts ought to be a little longer, Darla.
  • Elvis who?
  • Deer heads detract from the decor.

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